Singer-songwriter, Melissa Crispo knew from the age of five that she wanted to be a musician. She was already singing into her hairbrush after all. "My cousins would ask me to play dolls and what not but all I could concentrate on were the drums in my uncle's garage," she said. "It went from drums to guitar to piano. Every instrument out there would turn my head as a kid. I couldn't NOT do it. I had to pick up every instrument I would see.  That love for playing music never went away.”

S.S.A’s 2017 Songwriter of the year, Crispo has opened for acts such as Styx, Sophie B. Hawkins & Jefferson Starship.  Her fan base grew significantly after performing on the last 3 Melissa Etheridge Cruises.  From there, things began to change for the New York red neck tomboy who now resides in Colorado Springs.

From the very first recording to the present date in order, Crispo’s music is like reading her diary; a diary that many listeners tend to relate with.  Her latest album, The 5th Stage released in early 2019, invites us into the next season of her life where there is less heartbreak, and more love.  But no worries though, you will still hear the same feisty Melissa Crispo shining through on a couple of tracks.

Her debut album A Break in the Clouds, her EP Tomboy and her new album, The 5th Stage are available on digital download and this website.